The Power of Touch


Our basic human need to be nurtured through touch is prevalent, especially in today's high-tech world. Touching and being touched is instinctual. For example, a person with a toothache will rub and press the painful area to relieve congestion and pain, an injured animal will tend its wounds by licking or rubbing, and a mother will comfort her crying child by stroking its head and patting its back.

The simple act of placing the hands on the body can itself encourage a person to thrive.

To relieve discomfort, feel better, promote relaxation, decrease stress levels, and have a body that functions more efficiently, you should have regular massage sessions!  Massage shouldn't be reserved just for a special occasion or luxury; with the recognition of the benefits of massage in the healthcare arena and growing research base, massage is a "kneaded" component of your wellness routine.

Ready For Your Massage?

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